Stefan Janoski, an American professional skateboarder, hit the headlines in the 2000s with switch flips over all the steps that crossed his path. In 2009, he chose a simple and uncluttered design for his model released with Nike SB. In a few years the shoe becomes a best seller in skateboarding history.

We asked ourselves "How does a skate shoe become iconic? " We interviewed pro skateboarders, designers, a fashion theorist and Stefan himself, to find the answer. Have a good listening!

(00:50) introduction - (01:47) Benjamin Deberdt hears about Stefan Janoski - (03:14) The switch flip on the three-flat-four of the Dome - (07:14) Paul Rodriguez and Eric Koston meet Stefan for the first time - (10:21) Stefan in the light, riding for Nike SB - (10:54) Stefan talks about shoes - (14:33) James Arizumi, designer of the Janoski - ( 15:56) Yann Garin and his first pair of Janoski - (16:40) Alex Wise, graphic designer and designer - (19:09) Yue Wu, artist and illustrator - (20:29) Pascal Monfort, fashion theorist

Thanks to Stefan Janoski, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Yue Wu, Pascal Monfort, Alex Wise, Yann Garin, Nicolas Malinowsky, Benjamin Derberdt for their answers, Salim Krim for the mix and sound design, Ian Faure and Soy Panday for dubbing, Aymeric Nocus for translation and DVNO for the score